Your brand is your corporate identity and should reflect who you are as a business or corporation. The impression it makes on a prospective customer can help establish your credibility. All of your marketing and materials should have a unified look, so that anything distributed by your business is a reflection of your corporate identity and marketing message.





The logo sets the stage for your corporate “look”—everything begins with the creation of the logo.

Business Cards / Stationery



The business cards, letterhead and envelope should pick up the look and feel of your corporate identity.

Corp. Brochure / Presentation FolderBrandingBro

The corporate brochure is the vehicle where you deliver and strengthen your marketing message. In this case, we used the logo’s “A” mark/icon that we created to build the cover.



Items such as inserts to go into the presentation folder also should pick up the branded look and feel of the marketing materials.

Product Brochures

BrandingProdBroAs with the inserts, all of the marketing materials need to reflect the integrity of the branding.


BrandingWebYour corporate website is often the first marketing piece that your prospects see. Consequently, it needs to set the pace of the branding look and feel.